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Tattingstone Speedsters Figures Revealed

Sunday, August 26, 09.00

Nearly 100 drivers have been caught speeding through Tattingstone since July 1. 

More than 200 people have been caught breaking the speed limit on the peninsula in the past six weeks, according to figures released by Suffolk's Safety Camera Team.

254 drivers were captured on film driving at excessive speed in just four of the peninsula's villages, since July 1 2018.

Tattingstone was the next highest behind Brantham with 89 offenders, with one driver caught doing 52mph in the 30mph limit.

Late last month a drink driver, thought to be driving too fast, demolished a bus shelter in the village. 

Speeding motorists were snapped by enforcement cameras on the B1456 at Woolverstone, the A137 between Brantham and Tattingstone, and the B1080 at Sutton.

Brantham tops the peninsula table, and also the in the Hadleigh and west Ipswich safer neighbourhood team's area, with 136 offenders.

These figures do not include those compiled by community speed watch volunteers, operating in a number of villages or mobile police cars.

The Safety Camera Team operates a number of mobile enforcement vehicles, which are deployed across Suffolk.

Proactive speed enforcement only takes place in Suffolk at locations where there is an on-going risk of collisions, where a number of fatal or serious injury road traffic collisions have occurred or where there have been substantiated complaints from local people.

Locations where proactive speed enforcement takes place are reviewed regularly by senior officers.

Excess speed for the conditions, or the limit, is one of the main reasons for accidental deaths and injuries on our roads. Speed limits are there to protect road users warning them of the dangers of the road and if caught speeding you could instantly face a minimum of a £100 penalty and three points on your licence or attend court.

Suffolk has four operational fixed camera sites, including the Orwell Bridge where more than 500 drivers were caught exceeding the 60mph average speed limit in both directions in June 2018 alone.

Woman Arrested After Crashing Through Bus Shelter

Monday, July 30, 16.30

One woman was arrested and another taken to hospital after a car failed to stop at a junction in Tattingstone and careered through a bus shelter. 

A black Mercedes virtually destroyed the wooden  shelter next to the White Horse pub in Tattingstone, a little after midnight on Monday morning.

Both occupants of the vehicle escaped without serious injury and initial fears on someone being trapped were unfounded.

A police spokesman today confirmed that the driver was arrested at the scene after allegedly failing a breath test, while the passenger suffered minor injuries and needed medical treatment.

 Tatingstone Parish clerk Jane Connell-Smith confirmed the council's insurance company has already been informed and quotes are being sought to replace the badly damaged shelter.

Alastair McCraw Babergh District councilor for Alton Ward added: “Whatever the circumstances, and they seem ludicrous, there will be strenuous efforts to restore the Bus Shelter as soon as possible.”

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