Fresh Plans for Pier To Be Revealed

Wednesday, November 14, 15.00

New plans for the Bristol Pier at Shotley have been drawn up and will be presented at an AGM on Friday. 

The moves follows a petition by #protectourpier (POP) group, which has been signed by nearly 300 people, including many of the pier group's shareholders.

The current application, which was refused planning permission by Babergh District Council, has been slammed by hundreds of people as being too large, not what shareholders envisaged when they signed up, and not what is needed by the community.

Directors of the Shotley Heritage Community Charitable Benefit Society Ltd, wanted to create two large contemporary-looking, 15ft high buildings straddling the pier, opposite the Bristol Arms at Shotley Gate, which included a cafe with 84 seats, offices, a workshop, visitor centre and toilets, with one stretching 98ft along the pier obscuring the new down the river Stour.

Issues regrading the lack of parking, the clash with existing businesses in the area, and the adverse impact to the public amenity - including the views in a protected area, have led to concerns.

The new plans, drawn up by a significant shareholder, supported by at least two directors who were unhappy with the original plans, are considered more sympathetic to the Victorian pier.

It is still hoped the Benefit Society will drop their appeal against the unwanted application, and if consensus is reached, a fresh application will be made. Babergh rules dictate any new application, with a similar principle, is made within year no planning application charge will be made, even if the appeal is withdrawn.

Benefit Society board members were asked to comment but wanted to wait until after the AGM before responding publicly.

They plan to consult with shareholders and the non-investors at the meeting at Shotley Village Hall on Friday, November 16. The first AGM will be open to shareholders from 6.30pm for a 7pm start, where the accounts will be revealed, and the directors re-elected. The meeting will be open to the public (and shareholders) from 8.30pm.

* Please read, sign and share, #protectourpier petition here.

Knock Back for Caravan Park

Tuesday, November 13, 18.00

Plans to create a 40 caravan mobile home site have suffered a set back after a certificate for lawful development was refused. 

Babergh District Council ruled an application by an agent on behalf of owner Dan Brownhill, for a Lawful Development Certificate for Proposed Use or Development for the siting of 13 twin unit caravans for permanent residential occupation at Shotley Caravan Park Gate Farm Road Shotley, should not be granted. 

The site already has permission to house three residential mobile homes and ten seasonal mobile caravans. which should not be used for all year round use. 

The refusal was based on legal advice which stated: "...The stationing of caravans for residential use would result in  material  change in the definable character of the use of the land.

"This is due to the impact of permanent residential occupation of the site and its surroundings and the resulting likelihood to develop the plots to facilitate day-day living."

One neighbouring resident who asked not to be named said: "This is brilliant news. Hopefully it will be the end of it but we have deep concerns about what has been going on ever since it was sold at auction, and then re-sold.

"The disruption with construction vehicles constantly going through a narrow cut-de-sac has been dreadful, never mind other activities which have caused many of us great concern."

District councillor Derek Davis, ward member for Berners, which includes Shotley, said: "The site was never meant to be used as a permanent residential site, in fact, there has been opposite for years for it to be used as a holiday area.

"The decision to judge the application as not lawful and refuse the Certificate for Development is right and proper for many reasons.

"The adverse impact on nearby residents is not acceptable and the site itself is in a prominent part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which should be preserved.

"As the ward member I have made no secret that I'm against further development of this site, in any form, and fully supportive of the community which is against it."

Applicant Mr Brownhill is understood to be an accountant of Countrywide Park Homes, which recently marketed Shotley Country Park as a residential park home, but the web page has now been removed.

In April the company announced: "This addition to the Countrywide Park Homes family further reinforces our commitment to developing luxury parks in some of the most picturesque and scenic locations across the country.

"As with all our parks, the business will make the necessary investment to ensure Shotley becomes the first choice for people who are looking to enjoy a premium park home living experience."

According to Companies House, Shotley Country Park Ltd was formed in March, 2019,  and was previously known as Symondstone Farms Ltd.

The company is based in Nottingham with Anthony Barney and Dannielle Barney named as its two directors.

The 8.5 acre site was sold at auction for approximately £270,000 at auction in 2015, and then sold again for an unknown amount earlier this year.

Other applications for lawful certificates have also been made by previous owners, with the latest for 18 caravans refused last May.

It is possible for the owners to still apply for planning permission, or make another application for a Certificate for Lawful use or development, but this decision would count against them.

The agent which made the application on behalf of the owner, was invited to comment but has so far declined to do so.

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Emotional Night For Suffolk Stars

Friday, November 9, 08.00

There was not a dry eye at Trinity Park as four of the peninsula's finest were honoured at the Stars of Suffolk last night. 

Six-year-old Preston Parker, Jane Gould, Alan Nunn and Shotley Open Spaces were all runners up as all the finalists were presented with prizes.

Ipswich Town managing director Ian Milne presented Preston with a Blues kit, with Parker 7 on the back of the shirt, and tickets for all the family to go and watch Paul Lambert's side play against Wigan, along with his trophy.

 Preston was nominated as Young Person of The Year for voluntarily litter picking down at Shotley Gate, and leading the parish's Beach Clean.

He was pipped by Daniel Jillings, who is profoundly deaf, and has successfully battled to introduce a British Sign Language GCSE.

Jane, Alan and SOS, were all given a bottle of Prosecco, to go with their especially inscribed individual trophies.

Jane was shortlisted in the Community Champion category after being nominated by Cllr Derek Davis, who collected Jane's award on her behalf as she was singing in her community choir and did not want to let anyone down.

Jane was shortlisted for being a compassionate and indispensable member of the Shotley Peninsula community.

She has raised thousands for St Michael’s Church in Woolverstone with her innovative ideas. The Monthly Market has become a must visit, with a fabulous friendly atmosphere.

Jane also introduced the Death café, an incredible initiative allowing people to talk openly about a very difficult subject. Jane has organised art exhibitions, including a unique sculpture display.

Number one spot went to Sue Willgoss, who has fought to bring about change for those with special education needs, disability and mental health difficulties.

SOS and Alan Nunn were in the Keeping Suffolk Special category and came behind David Goodlad, who is ‘community personified’ in the village of Rattlesden.

SOS was chosen for its volunteers' working tirelessly to keep a numbers of walking trails, tracks and pathways used by young mums with buggies, disabled vehicles and others, clear by cutting back brambles and other overgrowth. SOS also established the first accredited Walkers Are Welcome area in Suffolk, and have helped other groups to do so in their village. They raise funds through an annual calendar highlighting other community ventures.

Alan has been running the Chelmondiston Recycling Centre for a number of years, totally free of charge. He dedicates all his Saturday, Bank Holiday Mondays and Wednesday mornings in an effort to keep the facility open, since its closure by the local authority. Alan sorts through all the waste, recycles as much of it as possible and keeps costs very low. 

The Overall Stars of Suffolk winners, organised by Parker Communications, in conjunction with the EADT, were the staff at Barking Pre-School who saved the life of three-year-old Annabel Brightwell, who collapsed suddenly while dancing after suffering a cardiac arrest.

 Pre-school team members Shelley Symonds, Ness Hall, Zoe Corbett, Lucy Glendinning and Elsah Thorpe showed no hesitation, performing CPR on the youngster for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived. Annabel was airlifted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and placed in an induced coma, spending six days in intensive care.

She was later diagnosed with a rare genetic heart condition, which had been unknown to her parents.She is now on medication, but aside from that is living the life of a normal three-year-old. Annabel’s mum Rebecca said the pre-school’s quick actions undoubtedly saved Annabel’s life. Shelley, in particular, was praised for her rapid response.

Annabel went on stage in a tear-jerking moment to personally thank her heroines, on what was her fourth birthday.

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Pickle Night At the Rose

Monday, November 5, 18.00

Fittingly for a pub steeped in naval history, the Shotley Rose is holding another of its popular ‘Pickle Nights’. 

Organised by Shaun Sams, a serving Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, the evening celebrates the journey from the Battle of Trafalgar to Falmouth of HMS Pickle and then the arrival in London of Lieutenant John Lapenotiere to announce news of the victory over the French and Spanish fleet but also the loss of Admiral Lord Nelson.

HMS Pickle was one of the quickest ships in the Navy and chosen to carry the message from Admiral Sir Cuthbert Collingwood’s immortal despatch to their Lordships of the Admiralty, which started with the words that ‘the ever to be lamented death of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson, who, in the late conflict with the enemy, fell in the hour of victory, leaves to me the duty of informing my Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty of a victory … I have only to lament in common with the British Navy, and the British Nation, in the fall of the Commander in Chief, the loss of a Hero, whose name will be immortal, and his memory ever dear to his country’.

The Pickle’s skipper Lieutenant Lapenotiere, the great-grandson of a Huguenot immigrant, had raced under sail over 1,000 miles of ocean and ridden hard in a post-chaise for nearly 300 miles across a wintery landscape to arrive in a foggy London at one o’clock on the morning of November 6. Bursting into the Admiralty Board room, Lapenotiere found William Marsden, the Secretary of the Admiralty, holding a candle aloft and about to retire to bed. Lapenotiere, who had had nearly two weeks to think about what he would say as he handed over Collingwood’s despatch, paraphrased his admiral’s words, crying out: ‘Sir, we have won a great victory, but we have lost Lord Nelson!’

 While the Royal Navy celebrates Trafalgar Day on October 21, ‘Pickle Night’ is also a traditional lower decks celebration where the three course meal is served in one bowl, to be used throughout, with bread to mop clean the bowl ahead of dessert.

Refreshments are imbibe as various crew, or in the Rose’s case volunteers, read out passages relating to HMS Pickle’s journey and the relevance of the historic occasion made clear.

There will also be singing from a Sea Shanty crew, and old sailors dressed in appropriate costume.

Booking is essential, and a few tickets at £15 each, are available. Call Sarah on 787237 now to avoid disappointment.

Stars Of Suffolk Champions Shortlisted

Sunday, November 4, 07.00

Community volunteers from Shotley, Chelmondiston and Woolverstone have been shortlisted for the Stars of Suffolk awards. 

Shotley Open Spaces (SOS), Preston Parker, Alan Nunn and Jane Gould, are among the finalists for the community awards, which will be held at Trinity Park on Thursday, November 8, hosted by BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Mark Murphy.

Jane Gould (pictured right with fellow volunteer Beryl Walker) has been hailed as a tireless volunteer, spearheading the good work done at Woolverstone church with markets, exhibitions and other community events, including the Death Cafe initiative.

Volunteers from SOS spend hours cutting, streaming and clearing overgrown areas around the village ensuring people with buggies, young children and the less abled can navigate paths and tracks without being attacked by brambles and overgrowth.

 The group is also responsible for health walks, formed Suffolk's first Walkers Are Welcome accredited group and have helped the local tourism economy grew, while looking out for locals too.

Both were nominated by district councillor Derek Davis who said: "Far too often the excellent work these wonderful people do is overlooked, or not recognised. 

"More often than not they are happy to get on with it without a fuss, but I believe it doesn't hurt that all our volunteers and community champions should be recognised.

"The fact that so many people from the peninsula reached the finals highlights what a wonderful area we live and reflects on our fabulous community spirit."

Preston Parker was nominated as Young Person of the Year after taking it upon himself to complete litter picks on Shotley foreshore.

Alan Nunn is being recognised for his unstinting work helping at the recycling tip and Chelmondiston, and was also nominated by the parish council. 

The Suffolk awards follow on from the Stars of Babergh last month when Shotley postmaster Manish Patel, and village stalwart Norman Bugg were winners of their respective community categories, Shotley & Erwarton Good Neighbours and Hollingsworths  were runners up.

Full report from Stars of Suffolk here on Friday...

Pop Group's Pier Petition Passes 250 Mark

Monday, October 29, 07.00

A pop group's petition calling on directors of a Benefit Society to drop their appeal to build a commercial development straddling Bristol pier in Shotley has attracted more than 250 signatories. 

Created by Protect Our Pier (POP) group the petition on Changes.Org has called on the directors of Shotley Community Heritage Benefit Society Ltd to drop their appeal against Babergh District Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for a large-scale commercial development to build café, seating for 84 people, a workshop, offices and a visitor centre, on Shotley’s Victorian pier, and instead put in a new, smaller planning application designed to protect the future of our pier and focus on just restoring the pier, with small kiosks on the end to generate funds for the renovated pier’s maintenance and secure future.

Babergh district councillor Derek Davis is backing the petition and supported an offer by objectors to meet with the directors and find a compromise. It is understood an alternative proposal has been put to the Benefit Society but they are still pressing ahead with the appeal.

"It was hoped the directors would listen and understand the resistance to their scheme, which many people clearly regard as being far too large and out of keeping with our Victorian pier," said Cllr Davis. "Even if the Benefit Society wins its appeal, it will not change the fact that so many people, including shareholders reman against the commercial over-development.

"It will be a community project without the support of  large section of the community.

"Many people want to see the pier restored, but not in the way these directors are trying to force through."

The group of objectors, which includes many shareholders, claim the original intention of restoring the pier was so that generations to come could gently stroll down the pier enjoy the unspoilt view down the river Stour, with benches and Victorian style lighting, with angling off the far end.

Restoring the pier with a couple of kiosks, would require far less funding than the £3million estimated for the large scale commercial development, which would obliterate a treasured view inside therecenly proposed AONB extension. The cafe etc would be in direct competition to local businesses, and also create car parking issues, and the harm would substantially outweigh whatever benefit claimed. 

Click here for more information and to sign the petition.

Peninsula Remembers 100 Years On

Every Remembrance Day is poignant but this year the Royal British Legion will commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One with a series of special events. 

Many parishes on the peninsula will mark the 1918 Armistice on both the 11th hour of the 11th day in November, and also at cemeteries across the county on November 8 with a unique commemoration organised by Suffolk Remembers 100.

Every one of the churchyards, including the Commonwealth War Graves at Shotley, with a grave from someone from the 1914-1918 Great War will be visited and marked at 11am on Thurday, November 8.

Children from schools at Woolverstone, Holbrook, Stutton, Shotley and Chelmondiston will show respect as commemoration markers are placed on the graves, which are part of 1,332 graves in 248 Suffolk cemeteries.

There will be a special service at Holbrook on Friday, November 9 at All Saints' church when the Holbrook Society will be holding an evening of Remembrance from 7pm. 

Vivo choir and pupils from Holbrook Academy will be there as the society looks at what the war meant for Holbrook using records researched by the society, including Samantha Lanier, (pictured right) while refreshments with a WW1 theme, will be available.

Then on Sunday, November 11, a special concert will be held at Shotley Village Hall in the afternoon, organised by Shotley and Chelmondiston British Legion chairman Brian Ives along with the two parish councils.

Featuring the Suffolk Concert Band and the Brigade's Drums and Bugles starting at 2pm. This will be followed by a Sunset Ceremony.

Poppies created by volunteers will also be displayed from November 5 for at least two weeks within Quay Place. The display will form the back drop of a variety of events.  A display of information unearthed on the stories of the 22 men and a service of dedication from the Bishop in the evening. Thursday, November 8 there is a music and poetry evening featuring Royal Hospital School.

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Kidzone Shelter Built After SOS Call

Saturday, October 27, 13.00

Youngsters at Shotley Kidzone have a new sheltered area to escape wet weather after members of Shotley Open Spaces (SOS) built a Pagoda-type hut. 

SOS answered a call for help after the materials were sourced by Kidzone supporter Peter Sago but his work commitments as a paramedic meant a work force was needed to complete the project.

Gary Richens, Geraint Pugh and Casper De Boer, hammered out a good result, without doing too much damage to themselves or the Pagoda.

 Mr Pugh, SOS' honourable secretary, said: "Kidzone really needed this doing and we heard they needed some help and we were happy to oblige.

"It will give somewhere for the children to go when it's wet and it could also be useful for fundraising parties or staff BBQs.

"Many thanks to Pete Sago for doing the ground work and sourcing the raw materials." 

Shotley Kidzone looks too provide stimulating play experience for pre-school youngsters by getting them to explore , investigate and learn by a range of indoor and outdoor activities..

*Shotley Open Spaces are among a number of peninsula community volunteers that have been shortlisted for the Stars of Suffolk awards ceremony. More details to follow.

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Post Office Hit By Burglars

Thursday, October 25, 08.00

Shotley Post Office was among four stores raided by burglars last night. 

Cigarettes were among items stolen from the shop at Kingsland owned by Manish Patel.

Police were also called to shops in Reydon, Great Blakenham and Grundisburgh – all of which are believed to be linked – between midnight and 4.30am on Thursday morning.

Neighbours of the shop in Shotley raised the alarm after hearing banging just after 01.30 and frightened away the raiders. Nobody was injured in any of the raids and no arrests have yet been made.

Suffolk Constabulary are appealing to anyone who may have information to assist the investigation to contact them 101, quoting crime reference number 37/61630/18.

The raids come as the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) urged the Government to take action in the wake of a new report from the Home Affairs Committee, which showed crimes including robbery and theft have been increasing sharply.

The report, entitled ‘Policing for the Future’ reveals that recorded crimes have risen by 32% in the last three years, while the number of charges/summons has decreased by 26%.

Meanwhile, neighbourhood policing has been cut by over 20% since 2010.

 Research conducted by ACS earlier this year shows that 82% of retailers are concerned about the consistency of the response from police, with 73% dissatisfied with the time taken for the police to respond to incidents.

Mr Patel was a winner in the Business in the Community category at the Stars of Babergh awards last week, after being nominated for the charitable work he and his staff are involved with.

The Patels organised an Indian meal night to raise funds towards the village hall car park, supply selection boxes for pupils at Shotley primary school, and organised home deliveries during the Beast from the East earlier this year.

Shotley Stars Scoop Community Awards

Friday, October 19, 07.00

Volunteers and community minded business people from the Shotley peninsula enjoyed success at the Stars of Babergh awards
 night at St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh.

Manish Patel won the Business in the Community award for his family store’s involvement in so many local events.

Mr and Mrs Patel hosted an Indian themed evening with great food with all the money raised going towards the refurbishment of the car park

Every year they donate selection boxes to the pupils at Shotley school and are constant givers of raffle prizes.

Norman Bugg was named the district's Community Champion, after the work he does with a wide range of groups, including the Over-60s club, St  Mary’s Church, the Village Hall Committee, a long term stalwart of Shotley who is known and admired by many.

Shotley & Erwarton Good Neighbours' Scheme , that has been even more important to isolated people since the 98 bus service was drastically cut. They look after people and ensure they get to appointments at either surgery, and Ipswich hospital and were runners up after being shortlisted in the Community Spirit category,

(All the Shotley finalists are pictured above: From left to right - Back row - Steve Molyneux, Allana Baxter, Derek Davis, Norman Bugg, Manish Pate. Front row: Rosa McCulloch, Eileen Bugg. Picture by Lucy Taylor Photography)

Stutton Community Shop, nominated by Alastair McCraw were honoured with the Community Group of the Year award.

Carly and James Welham  of Hollingsworth’s Store & Butchers in Chelmondiston were shortlisted finalist in the Business Growth section, after successfully re-oping the shop.

Derek Davis, Babergh District Councillor, who nominations included all three Shotley finalists was delighted at the success of all the peninsula groups and individuals.

 Cllr Davis said: “It is a great night for the Shotley Peninsula at the Stars of Babergh District Council awards night at the beautiful Hadleigh church.

“It was humbling to hear the stories of so many wonderful people doing fabulous things for their community.

“Norman, Manish and the Good Neighbours epitomise everything that is good about living in this fantastic village.”

BBC Radio Suffolk’s Stephen Foster compered the evening, which flowed very smoothly.

Picture Special...

List of Babergh winners and finalists:

Community Champion of the Year Award – Babergh

Winner: Norman Bugg, community volunteer

Finalist: Janet Dicks, Hollywood, Ansell Centre Hadleigh

Business in the Community Award - Babergh

Winner: Manish Patel, Shotley Stores

Winner: Mukunthan Thurairajah (Muku)

Community Spirit of the Year Award - Babergh

Winner: Joes Golf & Activity Park

Finalist: Shotley & Erwarton Good Neighbour Scheme

Business Growth Award - Babergh

Winner: Suffolk Market Events

Finalist: Hollingsworths Store & Butchers, Chelmondiston

Finalist: Stour Sort & Sparkle

Community Group of the Year Award - Babergh

Winner: Stutton Community Shop CIC

Finalist: Ansell Memories Café

Best Community Achievement Award - Babergh

Winner: Team Together Tuesday

Finalist: Kernos Centre (KERNOS)

Community Project of the Year Award - Babergh

Winner: Lavenham Community Land Trust

Finalist: Diane Chase & Audrey Lorford, producers of ‘Hintlesham & Chattisham, the story of two Suffolk villages’

Sporting Achievement of the Year Award - Babergh

Winner: Sudbury Cricket Club

Finalist: Kelly Mires, Hadleigh Stars Gymnastics

Volunteer of the Year - Babergh

Winner: Will Hunt, Cornard Dynamos

Finalist: Jane Snowdon, community volunteer

Special Recognition - Babergh

Winner: Caroll Reeve, Lavenham community volunteer

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Frogs Alley Glamping, Building and Events Venue Gets Go Ahead

Wednesday, October 17, 23.00

A glamping site and large building hosting wine–tasting events is to be built at Frogs Alley. 

The five-metre high (approx.15ft), 20m long and 8m deep building will sit in a field within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty after Babergh planning committee members voted 10-3 in favour of approving the application, with 19 conditions attached.

Permission was also granted for the owners to hold six wedding reception parties a year in a marquee next to the Commonwealth War Graves near to St Mary’s Church, Shotley. (pictured right)

Despite 37 letters of from residents speaking against the plans and objections from Shotley Church’s Parochial Council, the parish council, and the Stour and Orwell Society, planners decided the benefits of economic growth outweighed the adverse harm to neighbours, the AONB and impact on the church and war graves, in a sensitive area.

Frogs Alley resident James Pratt, Barrie Powell (on behalf of the parish council) and ward member Derek Davis outlined the objections and concerns, while another neighbour, Geoff Powell, the applicant Craig Mills, and ward member Peter Patrick, spoke in favour of the application at the planning committee meeting.

Concerns over the suitability of the track down to the entrance to the vineyard at Frogs Alley, parking issues and the noise nuisance were among the issues debated.

Applicant Mr Mills and his wife Charlotte plan to provide toilets, shower and agricultural storage in the building with four glamping pods and parking for 10 vehicles at the vineyard. They intend to hold two wine tasting tours a day during spring/summer and one a day in the winter/autumn, as well as outdoor wedding events.

Conditions imposed on the site include:

  • Limit music at wedding and outdoor events to acoustic music only.
  • Restricted to six weddings per year
  • Maximum of four glamping pods, and only during April to October inclusive.
  • No events to take place during Church or War Graves services
  • Details of external lighting

More details can be found on the Babergh planning search website REF: DC/18/00873

Don't Be Alarmed - It Is Just An Exercise

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 16, 07.00

Thursday, October 11, 11.00

Villagers are being warned not to be alarmed today (Tuesday) if they see dozens of Environmental Agency and Babergh officers on the Shotley foreshore, appearing to clean up a pollution emergency. 

Codenamed Exercise Coinquinatio, Babergh' public realm and environmental teams will be among officers present on Shotley Beach anytime between 10am - 3pm on October 16.

Residents are advised there will be no danger and it is all activity is part of the exercise. Anyone spotting a response team on the scene on Tuesday will not need to report the issue to the emergency services, who are aware of the planned exercise.

The exercise aims to ensure that key council services are familiar with Babergh’s response plan if pollution, debris or marine debris happened to come ashore on the Shotley Peninsula, the sole coastline in Babergh. Emergency Planning Exercises are regularly carried out by public services to ensure all those involved are familiar with the planned response to potential emergencies, from flooding to pollution.

All footpaths and normal access points to the beach will remain open during the exercise.

The 30-strong group will use the Bristol Arms as their headquarters during the exercise, with hot drinks, refreshments and a light much provided by landlord and Coastguard volunteer Shane Rolin.

'Coinquinatio' is the Latin term for pollution or polluting and was considered appropriate for an exercise testing marine pollution contingencies.

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Fire At Electrical Sub-Station Causes Power Cut

Sunday, October 14, 08.00

Two fire crews spent three hours dealing with a fire at an electrical sub-station over-night. 

The B1456 between Shotley and Shotley Gate was closed for a short time, while power cuts affected around 300 homes. Although engineers were on the scene so quickly, many people were not disrupted.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one hose reel, pumping out 40 litres of foam to put out the fire, which started at around 00.40.

 There were no injuries and Suffolk Fire Service confirmed no foam had entered the drainage system.

Retained firefighters from Holbrook and full time crew from Ipswich attended the incident.

Engineers from UK Power Network installed an emergency generator in order to restore power, with services resuming at around 03.30.

*Suffolk fire chief interview

Town Shirts Up For Auction

Thursday, October 4, 07.00

 Signed kit belonging to former Ipswich players are among a raft of must haves up for grabs at the Shotley Rose on Saturday.

The shorts, donated by Jamie Barwich and FIS Windows, will be auctioned off on the night, although sealed bids for a silent auction will be accepted before the event.

An amazing array of raffle prizes, including a chimney sweep, an Alton Water cycle hire voucher, Jimmy's Farm day pass, Hers and Sirs' wet cut, chocolates, booze, Pink Shed massage, and a ferry ticket, will be among the items sold as part of a hair shave in aid of the cancer unit at Ipswich Hospital's Somersham ward. 

One brave regular of the Rose, with a penchant for Prosecco and privacy, is following in the footsteps of other brave ladies of late in losing their locks for charity.

The shave will be expertly done by Liza Baldry from Hers and Sirs, just days after her salon colleague Lorraine Page , did the business on Shazz Kennedy (see story below).

 The shave at the Rose is the latest in a long line of events to raise money for good causes landlady  Sarah Pallant has hosted and in the last year alone has raised thousands of pounds for charity and the community.

Kidzone recently benefitted by £175 and Shotley's First Responders £100 when the Rose auctioned off Carlsberg beer towers, which had proved popular during England's successful Word Cup campaign in Russia.

The East Coast Retro's car rally in the field behind the pub raised cash for MacmIllan chairs and the scouts, football and bowls clubs re among those organisations that have been recipients of fund raising.

It is no surprise that The Rose has been nominated for the Stars of Babergh awards due to its on going commitment to the people of Shotley.

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Braving the Shave


Shazz Kennedy's head shave raised nearly £500 at the Macmillan Coffee Morning. 

Shazz's total went towards an astounding £970 total raised by the Shotley and Erwarton WI's well-attended event at the village.

Hers and Sirs owner Lorraine Page expertly cut Shazz's hair after first putting it into bunches. which can be used by patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

She then carefully shaved the fund-raiser's head infant of an appreciative crowd, enjoying coffee, tea and a wonderful assortment of cakes.

Friday, September 29, 07.00

Two fundraisers are to have their heads shaved for charity. 

Shazz Kennedy will feel the buzz of a razor first when Hers and Sirs stylist Georgina Chelsea-Page removes the locks as part of a MacMillan Coffee Morning event this morning.

The fundraiser at Shotley Village Hall starting at 10am is part of a national campaign, when organisers look to put on the world's largest coffee morning.

Shazz's assistance dog Callie will be spared as her courageous owner has her hair removed for charity and every is welcome to come along and show support or sponsor her.

Admission is £3 but tea, coffee cake and biscuits are included. 

Chelmondiston hair stylists Hers and Sirs will also be snipping away for a charity head shave next week, when Lisa Baldry goes to work on a Shotley Rose regular as she raises money for Somersham Ward, at Ipswich hospital.

Sponsorship forms are at the pub, and there is also an opportunity to win a raft of raffle prizes.

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Mystery of Blue Poo Marker

Wednesday, September 26, 07.00

Mystery surround the identity of a person marking dog poo which has not been picked up in Shotley Gate. 

Poo left on paths around Stourside, Lower Harlings and in the cut through to Estuary Road, has been sprayed blue to highlight its presence.

Some of the dog poo has subsequently been picked up and disposed off properly, although the blue circles are still obvious.

Geraint Pugh, secretary of volunteer group Shotley Open Spaces, understands the mystery sprayer's frustration.

 "Obviously someone is feeling very blue about dog poo," said Mr Pugh. "While the vast majority of dog owners do bag and bin their pets' poo, one or two are not so responsible. I suppose this blue markings will warn other people the poo is there and stop them walking into it and spreading it everywhere."

The parish council provides dog poo bins for owners to deposit the mess and it is clear the vast amount of dog owners abide by the rules and use them.

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Holidaying Couple Come Home To Burnt Out House

Wednesday, September 19, 09.00

A Shotley couple have returned home from holiday to discover the extent of a fire which destroyed the roof of their home over the weekend. 

Gloria and Malcolm Bellhad been holidaying abroad when fire ripped through two semi-detached houses at Lower Harlings at just after 1.00am on Sunday morning.

Home owner Keith Taylor was woken by neighbours as the blaze took hold, and had to be held back from trying to fight the fire.

 A family of four on the other side had to be evacuated with two young children taken in by friends, while the father moved cars away from the danger zone.

Decking in the back gardens also caught alight and three properties suffered damage in the devastating inferno.

One witness described how: "It was raining fire onto the houses next door. It was very frightening. There was little we could do and it seemed an age before the fire crews arrived.

“Everyone has been fantastic though, helping out in every way they could.”

Fire crews from Ipswich and Holbrook raced to the scene and quickly brought the blaze under control. It is understood the fire may have emanated from an oil tank. 

Mr and Mrs Bell were contacted via their daughter Amy who was also away at the time and came back on Tuesday.

Mr Taylor is staying with family and has posted via social media, saying he is fine, has everything he needs and thanks all well-wishers for their concern.

*Peninsula News held off reporting details of the fire until now at the request of neighbours who did not want Mr and Mrs Bell to see the extent of the damage to their home on the internet and we respected those wishes. Contact us here...

Lots Of Money Raised At Auction

Monday, September 17, 10.30

Nearly 200 items were sold by auction as Andrew Coulson brought has gavel down on bargains galore. 

A fridge freezer went for £2 and dozens of other items were bought for crazy prices.

Shotley Village Hall Committee raised £515 for vital maintenance work at the community hub used by hundreds of villagers. 

As always, a great deal of hard work was done by a number of volunteers to make this happen.

It is anticipated the next auction will be held next February or March.

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Beach Clean Volunteers Tyred Out

Monday, September 17, 10.00

A set of four large tyres was among rubbish collected by small group of volunteers at Shotley over the weekend.

Young and old got stuck into clearing up along from dinghy park next to Admiralty pier and past the picnic area as part of the Great British Beach Clean Up.

Thousands of people have joined in the huge clear up, with plastic waste a huge problem to the oils; rivers, seas and oceans.

Other villages throughout the peninsula have held litter picks through the year collecting tons of rubbish.

All these efforts are supported by Babergh District Council, who made sure the rubbish would be collected and disposed of.

Ganges Plans Going Ahead - Despite Rumours

Monday, August 10, 18.30

Concerns the building of 285 homes, a care home and other properties, on the former HMS Ganges site is not happening have proved to be unfounded. 

District councilor Derek Davis confirmed the development is going ahead as planned, despite rumours to the contrary.

A letter sent out by Babergh notifying people an application made by the developers was invalid, and had never been valid, inevitably sparked the belief the plans had been scrapped.

However, the letter was part of a technical process and refers to other applications made by the site owners Haylink, and not the one which received permission in 2015, which was upheld by the High Court. 

Cllr Davis, Babergh ward councillor for Shotley Erwarton, Chelmondiston, Woolverstone and Freston, and a cabinet member, explained: “Notification was sent out saying the application to build 285 homes, retail units, community buildings, a care home and a small hostel, was invalid and that, understandably, sent the hares running.

“The truth is the application referred to was an erroneous piece of paperwork that was superseded but never properly dealt with.

“While looking at a recent application by Haylink to discharge certain conditions, an efficient planning officer spotted the discrepancy, among other things, and carried out a thorough housekeeping exercise on the whole application.

“I have been assured everything is fully in order and the applicant is looking to start actually building houses as soon as possible.

“There are a couple more things to be overcome, which is normal on a development of this scale, but the first phase, which includes adding a spine road, will soon be started.”

 The developers have completed much of the heritage work required and will soon be advertising for labourers to help complete the site clearance.

Permission has been given for Haylink to remove the mast so it can restored fully to its 143ft high glory, complete with rigging, while other ceremonial and important heritage aspects are being protected.

Almost £6million of staged payments will be made as part of an S106 agreement, which will be paid over nine phases until completion.

Some buildings will be handed over for community use, and public open spaces are part of the plans.

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Bowls Club Miss Out In Two Finals

Monday, September 10, 10.00

Shotley Rose Bowls Club missed out in two finals of the Samford Competitions, run by the Ipswich & District Federation Bowls League on Sunday. 

Shotley lost out to Felixstowe & Walton in the Millennium Cup final, by just four shots on aggregate.

Paul Catchpool, Simon Whitney and Scott Moir won their block, but Wednesday's team captain Len Haines, along with Andrew Coulson and Ian Lord were squeezed out in their game.

Lord was also narrowly beaten 21-19 by Waldringfield's C Coleman in the men's four wood final.

All the players celebrated/commiserated with a sausage supper at the Rose pub afterwards.

Norman Bugg, Rose Bowls Club stalwart, praised the players' efforts and the various team's efforts.

"This will be the court season in row we have won silverware, albeit as runners up this year," said Mr Bugg. "Someone commented to me that are the bridesmaids rather than the bride this year, although as I pointed out, 'That may well be, but there are many who didn't even get to the church."

The club fields two teams, on a Monday and a Wednesday and play on the green behind the Rose pub. Anyone interested in playing, or helping to maintain the green, should contact Norman on 787358, or Andrew 787304. 

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New Era Starts For Shotley School

Wednesday, September 5, 00.01

A new era, starting with a new head teacher, begins for Shotley Community School, this week. 

Pupils return on Friday, as staff spend today and tomorrow acclimatising to working under a new authority with A Suffolk Schools Education Trust (ASSET) officially taking over. 

The school has undergone big changes behind the scenes, with Richard Dedicoat taking over as head teacher, with Lynette Allison as assistant head.

 Mr Dedicoat (pictured left) joins Shotley from the Willows School in Ipswich, which was part of the Orwell Multi Academy Trust, and previously worked at Whitton Primary school, a founding member of ASSET Education.

Mrs Allison has been involved with ASSET since its formation and is recognized for her leadership skills and experience in head teacher roles. 

The duo plan to hit the new term running although there have been staff changes, with some popular teachers leaving Shotley school.

Long-serving teacher Julie Packard has taken early retirement, while Sharon Taylor has also left to take up a specialised role elsewhere, along with Justine Hughes who is starting a full-time post at St Pancras Catholic Primary School.

Clare Flintoff, (pictured right) executive principal at ASSET Education, is confident the work done by interim head Alun Davies last term, and the new academy system will restore Shotley schools reputation and has already been delighted with the response from parents and children.

Mrs Flintoff believes the support the academy trust can offer Shotley in terms of back office oversight, training, resources and leadership will help progress at pace, and turn around after a negative OFSTED report.

“We note the OFSTED report but also recognise there are many positive aspects about Shotley school.” said Mrs Flintoff. “We have already met with the parents of the school and there was huge support within the community for the school.

“We recognise the desire for the school at Shotley to grow and we would like to thank the parents, the community and the staff at the school that have done an excellent job and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

 Derek Davis, Babergh district councillor for Berners ward, which includes the school’s main catchment area of Shotley, Shotley Gate and Erwarton, has a son who is a former pupil at Shotley and believes close co-operation between parents, the school staff and the Trust, will be key.

“I know from personal experience what a wonderful school Shotley is,” said Cllr Davis (pictured left at Shotley school with a prize-winning pupil and her parents). “Everyone, including the dinner ladies, support staff, teachers and administrative team, genuinely want what’s best for the children and that goes a long way.

“It is no coincidence that so many wonderful young people move up from this school and do well elsewhere.

“There has been a bit of a wobble at the school, but even then there remained many positive aspects.

“ASSET has a lot of experience in dealing with all types of primary schools and I’m sure they will enjoy making Shotley school an even bigger success.”

ASSET Education now has 10 schools within its Trust after adding Church of England schools 

The academy trust was formed in 2015 with three Ipswich schools, St Helen’s, the Oaks and Whitton joining forces and working directly with the Department of Education.

With a mission statement aimed at creating a group of schools in Suffolk which would be among the best in the country ASSET has been joined by Halesworth’s Edgar Sewter, and primary schools in Bungay, Holton, Wenhaston and Ilketshall, all in the north east of the county.

Funding is provided through Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and by pooling their buying power, ASSET can achieve economies of scale and negotiate keener contracts, with better monitoring.

Asset Education was awarded £176,000 earlier this year to bring the Power of Reading scheme to its 10 schools, which will provide training and resources for a programme of reading, from a DofE Strategic Schools Improvement Fund.

Fortieth Flower, Fruit & Veg Show Flourishes

Saturday, September 1

With a 98lb pumpkin, sensational sunflowers, outstanding onions, and rakish runner beans, Shotley and Erwarton's 40th flower, fruit and vegetable show was a blooming success. 

Gardeners overcame wild weather, including late snow storms, deluges of rain and then the hottest summer since 1976 to grow, nurture and harvest an amazing array of nature's finest produce.

Ian Palmer won first prize for his selection of vegetables, including excellent quality onions, marrows, carrots, potatoes and sweetcorn. (Pictured)

Fresh baked produce, including many cakes, was also on display, and art and craft lovers also exhibited their pictures or figures.

Norman Bugg , one of the show organisers, said: "It is a wonderful display and we are so lucky to have so many people taking part and producing all this wonderful fruit, flowers and vegetables.

"Given the atrocious weather we have had, and then the blistering heat, they have all done very well in growing what they have. There has been a lot of time and love gone in to all of this."

A full list of winners and runners-up at the Shotley & Erwarton Jubilee Community Council Flower and Vegetable Show will be published as soon as it is compiled completely.

If you entered your garden produce, or know someone who dis, click here for full picture gallery... 

Pier Development Objectors Offer Olive Branch

Tuesday, August 28, 11.00

Supporters of the original plan to restore Shotley pier but object to plans to build a café with seating for up to 84 people, workshops, offices and a visitor centre , have written an open letter to the project group inviting them to a meeting to find a compromise.

Babergh planning committee refused the application by a vote of 7-6 last Wednesday on its size, scale and design, after hearing the proposed 15ft a high building would cause a loss of views down the river Stour, create parking problems and have a detrimental economic effect on the area.

Three objectors spoke against this particular scheme, although all said they wanted the pier renovation to go ahead but only as originally suggested as a restoration of a 123-year-old pier for people to stroll down, perhaps enjoy fishing off one end, with kiosks on the land side to raise money for ongoing maintenance costs.

The letter reads:

"An Open Letter to the Shotley Heritage Charitable Community Benefit Society Limited and Shotley Parish Council

On behalf of Shotley Marina, The Bristol Arms, Shotley Sailing Club and many members of the local community, I would like to offer to host a meeting to discuss how we can all work together to put in a revised application to Babergh District Council for the refurbishment of the Pier.

We all want the pier to be refurbished but believe the last application was flawed. We think that a structure that is 92 feet long and 15ft high, sitting on a 139 foot long platform and costing some £1.9 million to build is too big and expensive.

Please let me know if this would be of interest to members

Many thanks..."

Pier applicant Peter Stabbings told the planning committee the proposed development was estimated at£1.8million, while just restoring the pier would be between £300k and £900k. 

It is understood the pier group directors are meeting this evening (Tueday) to discuss talking with representatives from Shotley Sailing Club, Shotley Marina, the Bristol Arms and residents, and also consider appealing against Babergh’s decision.

Rukus At The Rose

Saturday, August 18

Shotley musicians Rukus headline tonight’s music and beer festival at the Rose. 

Playing a heady mix of rock Rukus proved a popular,  outfit got young and old feet tapping, head nodding and the lips synching to some old rock classics.

The live music started at 9pm  and with the beer and cider festival continuing on Sunday.

Real ale buffs will love choosing from a range of bitters, including

Lilley’s ciders always go down well, with pear and raspberry, lemon & lime, mango, and dark cider adding to the fruity selection. 

Customers danced the night away at the Rose on Friday night as the House Shakers, shook the house down with their electic mix of songs through the decades.

Entrance is free and the festival continues from 12noon until 10pm on Sunday.

  • You don't have to be a petrol head to enjoy the wide range of old cars on show on Thursday (August 23, as the East Coast Retros once again roar into Shotley on the large field behind the Rose. The club will be collecting for the St Elizabeth Hospice, with the Rose donating proceedings from the BBQ
  • Next Sunday, August 26, from 4pm, John ‘Fanny’ Adams will be entertaining regulars at the Rose as part of their Bank Holiday weekend entertainment.

Music and beer festival picture special here...

Open Day As Apartments Are Being Snapped Up

Friday, August 17, 15.00

A second open day to view luxury apartments at Shotley is being held on Saturday, August 18. 

Almost half of the 12 two-bedroom flats at Shotley lodge, with views looking down the river Stour have already been snapped up.

Home hunters who missed out first time round are getting and opportunity to view the superbly finished  apartments between 10am and 12noon.

Enjoy the views, take a look around inside and get a feel for the amazing new apartments in Shotley Gate, with prices starting at £255,000.

The finishing touches are taking place at the 12 luxury apartments ahead of the chance for potential buyers to be the first to snap up these homes with stunning vistas over the River Stour and across to Essex.

Each apartment has two-bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the living area leading out to balconies  with fabulous views down the river, or past the historic Admiralty pier to the estuary.

Oak floors, Bosch appliances, top quality bathrooms, lifts to each floor,  dedicated car parking and storage spaces, make these desirable properties, close to the ferry across to Harwich and Felixstowe, and within easy reach of Ipswich and Manningtree stations to reach London in an hour.

Shotley Lodge apartments are being sold through saves Estate Agents Click for details.   

Power Company Helps Sailing Club Buy New Dinghy 

Sunday, August 12, 15.00

Youngsters in Shotley have set sail in a new boat after a donation by UK Power Networks. 

The company, which delivers electricity to eight million customers across East Anglia, London and the South East, has given the club a much-needed £250 grant as part of its Team Sport Award programme and this has part-funded the purchase of a new Topper dinghy.

It donated the money following an application from employee Paul Ross. (Pictured right with some of the club's young sailors) The 48-year has sailed from the age of 10 and is a volunteer instructor at the club.

Shotley Sailing Club works hard alongside the sport's national governing body, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), to ensure sailing is an accessible sport for youngsters aged from six to 16 in the local community.

Paul, who lives in Shotley and works for UK Power Network in their Ipswich office, said: "I've been helping run the junior dinghy sailing programme at Shotley Sailing Club for three years now.

"The children have been developing fast and the need for extra boats to further their experience was essential, and this is where UK Power Networks came in with their valued support which I know everyone at the club really appreciates.

"The money donated has gone towards the purchase of a Topper dinghy. This is a step up from the beginner craft and is already being put to good use by our more experienced young sailors.

"I've been sailing since the age of 10 when my secondary school offered it as a PE option and I enjoyed it because it was so different to other sports on offer.

"I've gone on to race at international level which shows what can be achieved by the next generation of sailors and we're trying our best to get local youngsters on the water in a cost effective way."

Shotley Sailing Club has also recently but a new starter's hut and has plans to improve their base opposite Admiralty pier at Shotley Gate. 

The Team Sport Award scheme is designed to encourage UK Power Network staff to volunteer in the community and is aimed at promoting healthy living, teamwork and development of sporting opportunities.

Hundreds of community and sports groups have benefited from grants since the scheme was set up. Last year £15,750 was donated to sporting groups connected to UK Power Networks staff.

Customer Service Pilot For Peninsula

Thursday, August 9, 09.00

Shotley has been chosen to pilot a new pop up customer support access point dealing with Babergh District Council matters. 

Currently peninsula residents have to travel to Stowmarket or Sudbury if they want to deal face to face with Babergh officers.

This new service headed up by Babergh’s Customer Service Team, who will allow provide support for peninsula residents to access the council’s online services. 

The pilot scheme, working in partnership with Suffolk Libraries, will run for the next eight weeks starting on August 13 (apart from Bank Holiday Monday, August 27) at Shotley Village Hall from 1pm – 4.30pm.

 Derek Davis, Babergh district councillor for Shotley, Erwarton, Woolverstone, Chelmondiston and Freston, is also the Cabinet member responsible for Organisational Delivery, which includes customer service, is delighted that the council officers’ hard work and budding relationaship with Suffolk Library Service has paid off.

Cllr Davis added: “Improving customer service access has been a top priority ever since we left our headquarters in Hadleigh and I’m delighted this has come to fruition.

“We recognise how not everyone is fully comfortable with access our services online and appreciate dealing with a human being and this will do just that.

“Given how popular the Monday library at Shotley village hall has been, it makes sense to house a Babergh  officer at the same time and hopefully people from all across the peninsula will find this easier than going to Sudbury or Stowmarket.

“This will give us a clearer picture of what our residents need and if successful will be rolled out in other areas of the district.

“Babergh is developing a very good working relationship with Suffolk Libraries and Tim and his team are already providing a very popular and useful service, and this will complement the existing facility.”

Contact Babergh District Council on: 03001234000 (from 8.45am) to be connected to any council service.

When calling the above number, please select:

  • Option 2 for council tax, housing benefits or housing rents
  • Option 3 for housing or housing repairs
  • Option 4 for bins, household waste and recycling
  • Option 5 for building control or planning
  • Option 6 for licensing
  • Option 7 for environmental health or general enquiries

For emergency repairs to council properties or to report dangerous structures: 0808 168 7794

For business rates: 01473 433851

To make a payment: 0845 372 4112

For a text mobile service for hard of hearing customers: 07827 842833

Suffolk Libraries contact details

  • Telephone: 01473 351 249 (please don’t text this number)
  • Email:

District Councillor

District Ward To Be Reshaped And Called Ganges

Tuesday, August 7, 08.00

Shotley and Erwarton parishes are to come under a newly formed Ganges ward in the Boundary Commission review of Babergh district wards.

The two villages are currently looked after by two district councillors as part of Berners ward, which also includes Chelmondiston, Woolverstone and Freston.

However, the new ward boundaries will reform after the Boundary Commission released its final recommendations, which will go before Parliament when MPS return from the summer recess in September..

Newly named Ganges, Stour and Orwell wards will replace the bulk of the current two-member Berners and one member Holbrook wards and overlap into Belstead and Tattingstone. 

The Local Government Boundary Commission For England (LGBCE) had originally looked at making much of the peninsula a three-member ward, but representations by Holbrook councillor David Rose, supported by Shotley councillor Derek Davis and a couple of parish councils, pointed out that would be unworkable and the panel agreed.

Ganges, named after the former Royal Navy Training Establishment, will comprise of Shotley and Erwarton and be looked after by just one district councillor.

Boundary commissioners took into account of development at the former Ganges site, comprising of 285 new homes, a small hotel, residential care home, a café, retail units and a number of community facilities, which would add to the electorate.

Stour ward, named after the mouth of the river, will also be a one member ward and will now take in Harkstead, Holbrook and Stutton, making it slightly larger than the current ward.

On the other side of the peninsula Orwell ward, will also be a one-member ward but will include Belstead, Wherstead and Tattingstone along with Freston, Woolverstone and Chelmondison.

Brantham will become a one-member ward as expected growth will also boost the electorate there.

The division of those four wards means the same geographical area will lose one district councillor.

In total Babergh district council will reduce the number of councillors from the current 43 to 32, serving 24 wards, with the changes coming into effect at the next district council election in May 2019. 

In its report the Boundary Commission explained how it changed its original recommendation of forming  three member ward to three single member wards after representations were made.

Cllr Davis said: "As a former HMS Ganges boy I'm delighted that the Shotley and Erwarton area will become known as the Ganges ward. I'm delighted the commission took notice of our suggestions and have adopted the three different wards, rather than one huge ward., which I believe would have been unwieldy.

“It is a difficult balancing act in getting the allowed variance in electorate numbers marrying up with geographical areas to comprise the number of wards needed.

“However, while the Orwell ward seems a little stretched with Belstead a bit out on a limb.

“It makes sense for one member to serve the area, rather than three trying to cover everything from Shotley to Belstead, especially if some councilors do not necessarily pull their weight locally.”

Cllr Alastair McCraw, current Alton ward member, added: “The best bit about the new ward structure is that the Peninsula will have four single member wards.

"Brantham & Ganges are two large population centres. There are some compromises in the centre, because equal representation is very important. I like the names of Orwell & Stour.

"The parish groupings follow the roads connecting them and should have similar concerns because of it. But every parish will have one councillor to deal with and to help them."

A little further afield, Capel St Mary, which is subject to some large scale development will also become a one-member ward, while Copdock and Washbrook, will stretch from Bentley to Hintelsham, but new-look Sproughton and Pinewood ward will become a two-member ward.

The LGBCE was tasked to reduce district council members but ensure they improved electoral equality by equalising the number of electors each ward councilor represents. They had to take into account community identity and provide effective and community local government.

Further information can be found on their website



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