National Tree Week

Each year since 1975 National Tree Week has encouraged us to celebrate our beautiful surroundings for a whole week – and what better way to do it than planting loads of your own trees?

This year the fun takes place from 24 November to 2 December 2018 and we want to join in the fun by showcasing some our more unusual wooden wonders.

The Tree Council has been celebrating the importance of our trees for hundreds of years. Two of our great British trees were even commemorated on British stamps;  the Oak tree in February 1973, and this was followed in February 1974 by a stamp featuring the Horse Chestnut tree.

Commonly described as the lungs of the earth, trees are such an important part of the world around us.   They provide us with oxygen and are great for animals, birds and insects who need them for food and a home to live in.  Did you know that a mature English Oak tree is home to over 284 species of insect alone!  And that’s not counting all the other species that the Oak supports.

But with lots of trees being cut down all over the globe we can see that many humans take them for granted.

Although you might think there’s never a tree far away, the truth is that most places in Europe have many more wooded areas than our greenery here.

We are fortunate on the peninsula to have many wooded areas, some like Golden Wood, Ganges Wood and the Heritage Parkin Shotley, loved and cared for by community groups, and dotted elsewhere we have woods, copses and other areas in Freston, Harkstead, Woolverstone and Pin Mill.

Please feel free to share yours.

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