Gary Edwards - Keep on Running

Welcome to my blog

Hi, I'm Gary, one of the hosts of The Great Run Local Alton Water.

I'll be putting up a monthly blog with an intention to try and inform and inspire. From my first ever race in 2014, to my most recent race at the Ipswich Twilight 5k in May 2019, every step I've taken has brought me further, not just in distance but in knowledge and understanding about exercise, my physical abilities but my mental health too. Abilities that you all possess but might not even know you have. I'll be putting up tips, help and advice and, one day, you may want to join more than 100 people each week at Alton Water on a Sunday morning and take part in a free 2km or 5km run or walk with the whole family.

No matter what journey you're taking, it has to start with the first step. Either that step be physical or psychological, you're journey can be just as thrilling, emotional and insightful as mine has and continues to be.

While you wait for my next offering, why not check out our Facebook page and check out some of our fantastic photos of our amazing  GRL Alton Water family. If you'd like to help and become a volunteer then please message us via the facebook page and you could become one of our amazing team of superhero or heroin marshals that help encourage our participants around the course. 

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