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The way consumers buy has changed. The way we all look for suppliers has changed. Therefore, the way you as a business advertise or promote your services, goods or products, has to align with the habits and needs of your customers, existing and potential. 

For those customers to engage in the ever-evolving world on online advertising there has to be trust. Trust in you and trust where you are prepared to promote your name.

We will also strive to gain trust from you that your brand is not only going in front of the right audience but is kept safe.

Shotley Peninsula News and Features is target specific. The name of the platform does what it says on the tin so you know you are in front of a highly-engaged local audience on a daily basis.

Honesty and integrity is key, and we will let you know exactly how many people are looking at the site, the page(s) you are displayed on by publishing our Google analytics, and you can judge by results.

With more than 110,000 page views, and more than 16k unique users already after launching in February 2018, we have established ourselves as the go to news platform for the peninsula.

We are confident the quality of our content will attract even more users, page views will be extensive and visitors will not only return time after time, but stay awhile enjoying in the wide-ranging and highly-engaging local content.

We will also guarantee your brand will always be linked with appropriate content, including pictures, and as a bespoke advertising platform it will not be farmed out to robots but displayed to those interested in what is happening on and around the Shotley peninsula.

 All this is at a price you understand and that suits your budget, displayed on the page(s) you want, and serving your business in the best way possible.

Think of it as basically an online version of the card in your local shop or Post Office, only serving the whole of the Shotley peninsula.

For example, to advertise on the Find a Trade page, you pay less than £2 a week, and your card can be linked to your website, or Facebook page, all trades, services and businesses, are welcome to put up their card.

Display advert starts at less than £1 a day and will be placed on the page(s) ideal for you. 

Our simple pricing structure will see you paying either £30  month on the side bar, or £50 a month for a leader advert across the top of a page (where available) with your advert linking to your web page, Facebook page, or even Trip Advisor, if that is what you want.

You are here, your audience is using this site, so get them to interact with you today by promoting your business on this trustworthy, local online market place.

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